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Juno Kim

Parler Removal

Introduction Following the angry mob storming the capitol earlier this week, many tech companies have also taken action to prevent another similar incident from happening. Parler is a social media blogging app […]

Facebook vs. Apple

Introduction Apple will soon make a change for users’ iPhones that will ask users if they consent to their data being shared for advertisers before it is. For Facebook, this is a […]

Apple Car

Introduction For the last couple of years, Apple has covertly been developing “Project Titan” Apple’s version of an autonomous car that they are currently testing. Recently, it has been released that Apple […]


Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) is the latest tech company to leave Silicon Valley, announcing Tuesday that it will relocate its headquarters from San Jose, California, to Houston, Texas.  Hewlett-Packard founded by partners Bill […]

“Santa’s Zoomin’”

With the Pandemic, many children are left alone in their houses with the Christmas tree. Waiting for Santa to show through the chimney, when they come through the computer screen. Many Santas […]

“Google’s Monopoly”

Introduction After the Big Tech antitrust hearing, the four companies have still been investigated further. On Tuesday, October 20th, the Justice Department sued Google for violating antitrust laws as a monopoly. For […]


Introduction Today, SpaceX’s Resilience shuttle launched, carrying 4 astronauts to the International Space Station. The four astronauts on the flight are Michael S. Hopkins, Shannon Walker, and Victor J. Glover, and Soichi […]

“Presidential Tech”

Introduction With Joe Biden elected as the 46th US President, what lies in the future of tech? Recently, big tech has been the focus of the government with multiple anti trust cases […]

“Big Tech’s Big Numbers”

Recently, big tech all posted their third quarter earnings showing many unexpected results throughout. Facebook, Alphabet, and Amazon all displayed good numbers for Q3, also showing our increasing dependence on their services […]