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Many students, especially younger than 12, are asked to quarantine when the school reports a close contact with a person with the virus. The CDC is now evaluating the “test to stay” […]

New Homes

A survey done in 2019 reported that nearly 10,000 residents were homeless, of which 80% were unsheltered. Due to the pandemic, the numbers are bound to increase: Working Partnerships USA predicted that […]

The Real Pandemic

Asian discrimination has been around for a very long time, and the discrimination became worse ever since the pandemic. The first case of Covid-19 was discovered in China, resulting in multiple politicians […]

9/11 Document

President Biden ordered the release of the first several documents related to an investigation by the FBI upon the 9/11 attack on Saturday. This document is from 2016, and it provides the […]


Imagine a place full of dead bodies where no one comes to claim the corpses. Taufiq Hidayat is a leader of a dozen volunteer undertakers who answer calls from devastated families in […]

Worse than Chickenpox

CDC just released news that the delta variant of COVID-19 is as contagious as chickenpox but causes more severe infection. This document showcased unpublished data that showed that fully vaccinated people still […]

New Study New Hope

“Miracle Child” Ava Brugger fell ill with COVID-19 and it has been almost a year since her diagnosis. Covid hit Ava hard; she couldn’t breathe, and had many other illnesses including infectious […]


Some rich nations are starting to predict that the virus is not going to go away despite the great progress we made in producing and distributing vaccines. Singapore and the UK have […]

Safety First

“Even if you are vaccinated, if you’re living in an area with high rates of Covid-19 spread — and with the Delta variant surging — there is a chance that you could […]