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Yuli Choi

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More than Half Infected

In Goa, a southwestern Indian state, one in every two people tested is positive for COVID-19. This is the highest positivity rate ever recorded nationwide, and this statistic is based on only […]


Takao Someya, a professor at the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Engineering, invented a new technology: E-skin. E-skin’s primary function is for a doctor to monitor a patient’s medical information remotely. […]

Ketchup has to Catch Up

Unexpected shortages have popped up during the pandemic like toilet paper shortages, bicycle shortages, and even computer chip shortages. But perhaps the most dumbfounding shortage is ketchup shortages. No restaurant owner ever […]

Deadly Dating

Peacock Spiders are well known for their way of attracting female mating partners: dancing. They literally dance for their lives because if the male doesn’t dance up to the female’s expectation, she […]