Intel creates a new chip competing with Apple’s new M1 series

In 2020, during Apple’s WWDC, Apple announced that it will be moving away from Intel’s chips. This clearly shocked the world as Apple has been using Intel’s chips for years. Apple created a new chip called the M1 chip and fully exceeded the public’s expectations by beating Intel’s 10th Gen i9 performance. Intel is notorious for using too much power and overheating when it comes to heavy tasks but after moving away from Intel, MacBook Air is able to deliver a burst of impressive performance without any fans attached to it. Now, recently in Oct 2021, Apple unveiled the updated MacBook Pro with two new SOCs: M1 Pro and M1 Max which has beefed-up compute cores and a massive graphics array. At launch, it was the most powerful laptop chip in terms of CPU and very competitive as a laptop GPU.

However, Intel’s new 12th Gen i9 chip boasts to be more powerful than Apple’s newest chips. The chip is codenamed “Alder Lake”. In order to get the maximum performance from the chip, Intel introduced a new feature called Intel Thread Director, which tells the Operating System (OS) which cores to use. The idea is that you don’t want to send a high-intensity gaming program to an E-core while pushing your email jobs to a P-core. Intel Thread Director helps the OS to be aware of such setup and tells the scheduler which job is appropriate for which cores.

Although Intel’s new chip exceeds in CPU, Intel’s internal GPU is nowhere comparable to Apple’s GPU. Apple’s power efficiency is much higher and is able to give a consistent performance which can arguably be better. One huge downside to Apple can be seen when testing performance during gaming. Apple’s computers have notoriously been bad with handling games which are reflected in the tests.

With Intel’s new chips boasting a better CPU and impressive performance it is hard to say if Apple’s current products can compete, However, new rumors show Apple’s new 27-inch desktop Mac might surpass Intel’s current chip.

Apple’s rumored Jade 2C and Jade 4C show a significant size difference from the current chips and are heard to be powerful. With more upcoming updates Apple may once again dominate over Intel.


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