Pfizer Pill Treatment Starts Becoming More Widespread

The BidenAdministration has recently purchased 20 million of Pfizer’s new Covid-19 pills. Currently in the US, there are still many individuals who are either hesitant to or cannot take the vaccination shots. A good alternative was found to be the pills that Pfizer recently released. NBC News finds “The order underscored how urgently health providers need alternatives to vaccines, as roughly 35 million adults remain without a shot and more vulnerable to severe outcomes from Covid-19. Tens of millions more have been vaccinated but have risk factors that also make them especially vulnerable.”

Two weeks ago, the pill treatment known as Paxlovid was released to the public and is currently available to people 12 and over. “Paxlovid was authorized two weeks ago for use in high-risk Covid patients aged 12 or older. Pfizer expects to produce 120 million courses of it in 2022 for all global buyers. The treatment has proved in clinical trials to be highly effective in staving off severe illness when taken soon after the start of symptoms.” The process for taking the pills is as follows: “Pfizer’s treatment is meant to be taken as 30 pills over five days, with patients taking three pills at a time”. It is extremely important to follow these directions as strictly as possible as believing you are protected even though you aren’t is more dangerous. Even as the pill treatments become more prevalent as seen “In West Virginia, health officials have shipped around 20 treatment courses to each of 14 locations and reserved about 20 more in case of an outbreak, said Dr. Clay Marsh, the state’s Covid-19 czar.” It is still extremely important to take proper measures to avoid contamination, especially during this Omicron period.

Pfizer's COVID-19 pill: What is it? Does it stop COVID symptoms? - Deseret  News

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