Electrical Vehicles and the growing climate changes

The year 2021 had lots of other climate news of all sorts of disasters. Some examples of these disasters can be the wildfires that raged in California, Oregon, and Washington. The tropical cyclones intensifying in the pacific ocean and the floods in western Europe and China are some of them. Many of these climate changes are human-made, and they are resulting in extreme weather that has been intensifying recently. In order to fix this problem, we humans need to drastically reduce the use of fossil fuels in order to reduce the greenhouse gas emission in this world as the overall goal. Not only do we need to get rid of the greenhouse gas emission, but we also need to do so fast because soon it will be too late to change the direction that the is the earth has been heading for decades. The main way that can be most effective in this attempt is to decarbonize our transportations. Most if not all of our transportations has been based on the burning of fossil fuels in order to use the energy that results in the combustion, and this act of burning the fossil fuel is what produces and releases the greenhouse gas into our atmosphere. However, with the introduction of electric vehicles, we were able to use electricity and not carbonized energy to run our transportations. Recently we have been able to spot a lot more electric cars on the roads, as well as many car companies following the trend and coming out with more electric cars. It was just a few years ago that many automakers only thought that the idea of electric vehicles could potentially become popular in the future. But now, as the director of the Plug-in Hybrid& Electric vehicle Research center at the University of California, Davis says, “It’s now clear to everyone that [Electric vehicles are] here to stay.”
Globally, the Electric vehicle3s sales rose up in only the first half of the year 2021, by 160 percent compared to the previous year. Even in the year 2020, where the car sales were very low due to the coronavirus pandemic, the electric vehicle sale rose up to 46 percent compared to 2019. If we keep on improving our electric vehicles and make them more publicly available by adjusting the price, it will be a great help to reduce the greenhouse gas emission in our world. This could possibly be the key to drastically slowing down climate change.

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