Rising COVID-19 Implication on the NFL

Every Sunday I enjoy tuning into watching my favorite NFL team, the Los Angeles Rams play some great football. Being a fan of the team for many teams now, I have grown emotionally attached to many players on my team and love watching their individual play as much as the team play. However, recently due to many COVID cases and the new COVID protocol, many of my favorite players have not been on the field as much. This inability to play due to COVID has had huge impacts on the fans, players, coaches, organizations, and the NFL as a whole. Similar to the NBA, the NFL COVID protocols force players to stay away from practicing and playing for multiple weeks. This is terrible for their teams because the NFL only has one game per week.

NFL did not have bubble stadiums like the NBA, instead, players played inside their regular stadiums, just without fans. This lowered revenue by millions, possibly even billions because the cost of maintaining the stadium is still included as a cost for the team on top of playing the players and the coach. Like I already mentioned, there is a lot less revenue due to the loss of fans. The NFL would recover from this financially, as fans are allowed back into stadiums this year.

The NFL, like the NBA, has a COVID vaccine mandate. This mandate is also controversial for some players, as they have elected not to take the vaccine. This is a good and a bad thing at the same time, as it leaves teams scrambling to find replacements for the players’ missing games due to COVID, but it does give some players the opportunity to shine in place of the missing players

All in all, COVID has had on toll on many major sports, and the NFL is definitely one that has felt the impact of COVID-19, as it lost massive amounts of revenue due to it, while also losing many players to the COVID vaccine mandate and the COVID reserve list. It is going to be really rough for the future of the NFL as players will miss long amounts of time and time is super valuable in the NFL, where only one game is played per week. Hopefully, there become safer and more viable options for players with COVID in the future


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