Rising COVID-19 Implications on the NBA

Near this time two years ago, the NBA had received the terrible news that one of their players, Rudy Gobert, had contracted the COVID-19 virus. This one case would lead to a huge domino effect, as the NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, decided to shut the NBA down for a while, and quarantine was implemented. The season, however, was far from over, as Adam Silver and the NBA board of executives paired up with Disney in an effort to create a “bubble” where NBA players would be isolated from the outside world, and still be able to play. The plan seemed to work to perfection, as the season ended with the Lakers winning the championship over the Miami Heat.

After those crazy turn of events, the NBA returned to their official stadiums, where to this day teams enjoy the company of their fans and more revenue as a result. However, COVID cases and COVID safety protocols are another cause of concern. Many NBA players are being placed in COVID protocols because of either exposure to COVID, or the contraction of the virus. This has caused many teams to lose their key players for multiple weeks, sometimes even months, because of these protocols. There have even been two games suspended because one or both teams did not meet the minimum requirements for players required to take part in the game.

The NBA’s vaccine mandate is also a controversial topic to this day. Most players have accepted the vaccine mandate, but some players, like Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving, have decided not to take the vaccine due to personal reasons. This means that they are not allowed to play in any games, and this creates a struggle for their respective teams, as they struggle to find replacements.

Overall, COVID-19 already ruined an entire season of exciting basketball, and it seems that it will continue to have a huge grasp on the NBA. Fans, players, coaches, teams, and organizations will need to find ways to overcome this obstacle of COVID, as, in a league where competition is already neighing high, the loss of key players does not help the case of any team’s hopes for a championship. It takes a toll on everyone involved with the NBA as well, as the question arises, “will it ever come to an end?”


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