Antigen Test Distribute

Schools are getting creative with the new Omicron variant lurking around in the public. Some schools in the US are sending Covid-19 antigen tests for the students and their families who need to come back in January. 

According to CNN, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) plan to send out 150,000 at-home Covid-19 tests for students near the end of winter break. “Research shows us that most of the COVID cases we see in CPS are not because of in-school spread. They are due to social situations like playdates and family gatherings that have fewer protections in place than our schools,” CPS CEO Pedro Martinez told WLS. “We know that families will be gathering for the holidays, so we are providing these tests to our students who may be at most risk, so we can reduce the spread of COVID and protect our school communities.”

CDC confirms that these at-home tests are key to keeping children coming to school. These tests can help track transmission, prevent many transmissions, and possibly get rid of masking in a school environment. CNN reports that Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of CDC, claimed testing to go to school works to keep children in classrooms safely, even if they have been exposed to the virus that causes Covid-19. This is why near the end of the break, more people, including students, should help slow the transmission of Omicron in their communities by getting their own antigen test.

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