Benefits of Medicare

In the history of America, there had never been anything close to universal healthcare. However this would change when President Truman called for a national health insurance fund but this wouldn’t come until Medicare. Medicare was first a part of Lyndon B Johnson’s healthcare plans, where he wanted to guarantee that a certain demographic of Americans would receive healthcare benefits. Medicare would become active after Lyndon B Johnson signed it into law in 1965. Nowadays, Medicare is still active and helping many Americans cover the cost of health expenses.

Medicare is the federal health insurance program for anyone who is 65 or older, physically challenged, and people with ERSD (End-Stage Renal Disease). ERSD is a type of kidney disease that requires extensive treatments. Medicare focuses on helping Americans who may not be able to fully cover the expenses of their own treatments, which is what both Truman and Johnson desired, a system to help struggling Americans.

There are three main parts of Medicare, these parts highlight which specific insurance Medicare covers. Part A covers Hospital insurance, which includes the actually stay, care in a nursing facility, hospice care, and any costs the hospital uses to care for then patient. Then there is Part B, which covers the doctor’s services, medical supplies, ambulance, and anything that was required to save the patient’s health. Lastly, Part D, helps cover the cost of any prescription drugs that were used, and any vaccines or shots used in the treatment. Another benefit that Medicare brings is that it also helps cover the cost of a nursing home, which is great because most Medicare users are at the age where nursing home is a viable option.

Medicare does pay a lot of the cost for healthcare services, but it does not pay all of it. People who use Medicare as their insurance provider have to pay about 20% of the cost of the Medicare provided services, and Medicare pays for the rest. To become a part of Medicare, one must signup through United Healthcare insurance company.

Overall, insurance is a very important aspect for Americans because there is no such thing as universal healthcare at the moment. Thus, people who need help covering costs of healthcare must find other options, and Medicare is a great option for people to look into. Lyndon B Johnson’s vision of insurance for all starts with Medicare.

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