Abortion recently has been a very sensitive topic due to the politics that surround it, as parties seem to disagree with its ethics. However, ethics and political debates aside, what is abortion, and how is it performed? Once the basics of abortion are known, then it is much easier for people to form their own thoughts about abortion’s ethics. After all, abortion is a practice that has been around since the Egyptians practiced it many many years ago. Over time, the way abortion is performed has changed drastically and it must be examined.

By definition, abortion is the termination of a pregnancy by removal or expulsion of an embryo or fetus. There are two main ways abortion is performed, either with a pill or with surgical procedures. Either method must be used before the 24th week of pregnancy because, after that, it is impossible to remove the fetus from the body. The abortion pill may cause some bleeding and pain, as it forces an early miscarriage. On the other hand, the surgical removal is less painful, as gentle suction is used in order to carry out the abortion.

There are many reasons a pregnant woman may decide to have an abortion, ranging from preventing the birth of a child with deformities, or to the mental health of the mother. No matter what the reason is, the decision must be made before the sixth-month mark, where the mother’s health is in danger. Nearly all healthcare officials disregard abortions after 21 weeks and there are nearly no clinics that offer what is called “late-term pregnancy”.

The reason why the ethics of abortion are so controversial is the fact that some believe that it is the choice of the pregnant women to decide if they want an abortion, others believe that it is murder. In the Greco-Roman world, abortion was used in order to keep the population in check. Even in the early 1900s, countries such as China and Japan allowed abortions because of the lack of birth control devices. However, now with the advances in technology in the birth control aspect, the only true question is the ethics of abortion.

Pregnancy can either be a scary or an exciting moment for women. Depending on many factors such as personal health, some may consider abortions. Political ideals aside, abortions must be decided upon before 21 weeks, or else it is rendered impossible. Knowing this information the question you must now ask yourself is, is abortion ethical?


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