COVID vaccines availability for ages 5-11

With the uprising of COVID cases ever since first cases of COVID first discovered December, 2019. With hospitalizations and deaths increasing by week, humans sought out for a potential way to protect themselves from this deadly virus, especially dangerous to newborn and the elderly. People had to find a solution, and fast. The first vaccines were introduced on December, 2020 with availability limited to the younger audience, as the vaccine was primarily targeted towards the elderly. As most of the elderly received the vaccine, the vaccine was made available to anyone over the age of 12. However, with over a year since the introduction of the COVID vaccines will it be available to anyone under the age of 12?

In fact, the availability of vaccines for people under the age of 12 is actually confirmed, the specific date being November 8th, 2021. With the COVID vaccines becoming available to anyone over the age of 4. With the safety of the vaccines being more prominent, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention signed off the authorized vaccines for the U.S for children from the age of 5 to 11.

Now, with the introduction of vaccines available to ages 5-12, and 28 million children able to get the vaccine, how will this affect the rates of hospitalizations and deaths in the U.S? With only half of the U.S population fully vaccinated, is this what we need to end the pandemic? With the recent uprising of COVID cases over the past week, the pandemic is yet to end. But now, we have the materials, to prevent around 20% of the population from catching this deadly disease. With over 20 million people in the U.S being under the age of 13, they all of the opportunity to get the vaccine. The pandemic simply won’t end without most of the population being fully vaccinated.

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