Indian home-grown Covid-19 shot wins WHO emergency use approval

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced on Wednesday that it has approved the national Covid19 vaccine from Indian pharmaceutical company Bharat Biotech on an emergency list, paving the way for its acceptance as an effective vaccine in many poor countries.
WHO tweeted that the Technical Advisory Group has determined that the benefits of Shot, known as Covacin, far outweigh the risks and meet WHO standards for protection against Covid 19. The decision was postponed as the
Advisory Group sought additional clarification from Bharat Biotech before conducting a final risk and benefit assessment of the global use of the vaccine.
The WHO Strategic Advisory Group on Immunization also recommended the use of covaxin twice at 4-week intervals in the 18+ age group. These recommendations are in line with company guidelines.

Covaxin received urgent approval in India in January, even before the final study was completed. Later, the vaccine against severe Covid 19 was found to be 78 infectious. The
WHO decision aims to help millions of Indians who receive covaxin leave the country.
Sugathan P.R., who was stuck in a village in southern India for nine months and was unable to return to work in Saudi Arabia, said he was very pleased with the news.
“We are very relieved to see progress as WHO approval excludes the need for local vaccination in Saudi Arabia,” Sugasan told Reuters, leaving Dubai on Sunday for Saudi Arabia. He added that he was planning to go. The
Urgent List will allow Bharat Biotech to ship Covaxin to countries that rely on WHO guidelines for regulatory decisions.

WHO approval could also pave the way for India to provide supplies to COVAX’s global vaccine exchange efforts. It is supported by WHO and aims to provide low and middle income countries with equitable access to vaccines. The
listing process is a prerequisite for COVAX vaccine supply and will allow countries to facilitate their own regulatory approvals for importing and administering COVID 19 syringes, the WHO said in a statement.
India had donated or sold more than 66 million cans of Covid 19 containing covaxin before India curtailed overseas vaccine shipments in April.
Bharat Biotech said in a statement that it has set its production capacity to reach 1 billion annual capacities by the end of 2021 and is conducting technology transfer activities with India and other companies.

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