Earth’s Lowest Atmosphere is Elevating Due to Climate Change

Climate change has been around for around 180 years now, but it has only been progressively getting worse by the last decade. Due to all the activities driven by us humans, our earth’s temperature has been rapidly rising, which is also impacting other important factors on our planet. These impacts could be an issue such as the rise in sea level. Still, the sea level is not the only been rising due to this climate change. The high temperatures are forcing the upper boundaries of the troposphere to rise up. The troposphere is the lowest layer of the earth’s atmosphere. It has been pushing up 50 to 60 meters per decade, according to the report on November 5th through Science Advances. Temperature is the leading cause of this issue. The height of the troposphere has always varied around the world, ranging from as high as 20 kilometers to as low as 7 kilometers near the poles. Even during a normal year, the upper boundary of the troposphere, called the tropopauses, rises when the weather gets warmer and comes back down when it gets colder. This troposphere that gets highly affected by the temperature of the atmosphere has been on a rising pattern due to the increase in the number of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. The greenhouse gasses are trapping more and more heat in our atmosphere to bring the general height of the troposphere to rise. Lane Liu, an environmental scientist at the Univerisity of Toronto, has found out that the tropopause rose around 200 meters over the twenty years from 1980 to 2020. 

But why is the troposphere important to us, and why is it harmful that it is rising at such as rapid rate? The troposphere is where the water cycle occurs, the birds fly, and where the pollutions collect. It is the only atmosphere that can “support life.” To say that this layer of atmosphere is rising, or in other words, getting thinner, we are explaining that we are destroying the source of what keeps us alive with our own hands. If we don’t start to make changes fast, we may be ruining our own futures with our own hands.

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