What do school nurses do?

Every time I got sick at school, I wasn’t as worried as I should’ve been because I knew that there was a professional nurse at our school that could help me. They were the comforters to my pain, as I visited the nurse a couple times during elementary school, but never in middle or high school. But I have always wondered what school nurses do when they have no kids to tend to. Also, what makes a school nurse different than other nurses in terms of education and status? Well lets dive deeper into the true role of school nurses.

Of course, school nurses are primarily known for providing care for students, but their main goal is to ensure that every student is taken care of mentally and physically. This means creating plans for students that have the students’ best interests in mind. Although an individual student’s needs is super important, the entire wellbeing of the school is probably the biggest goal for school nurses. Thus, they have the power to administer certain tests and vaccines that help promote the general welfare of the school.

Thus, school nurses have a vital role in a lot of the school’s health decisions. For example, the school nurse has a voice in the discussion about school nutrition. This is because the diet of students are vital to their health, thus a nurse has to have some influence on these types of discussions.

School nurses still need the same education as all other nurses, and most schools only hire well experienced nurses to become their school’s nurse. However, school nurses must have a compassion to work with kids, as that is what most of the demographic they work with are.

School nurses are qualified to take care of many issues a student has, but they cannot solve all issues that are presented to them. Since they are not doctors, they do not have the authority or materials in order to treat certain cases that require medical attention. Most of the time school nurses only diagnose the issue and send the student home or to the hospital, depending on the situation.

In conclusion, school nurses contribute more than many thought they did. School nurses are a huge part of the education system because they look after the safety and health of all student body. It is especially a lot of work for typically one nurse per school, but as we already know, nurses are some of the strongest people in the world.


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