Colorado hospitalization rates highest since December

When it was never expected, the COVID virus hit the world by storm. The virus spread across the entire globe in less than a year, with more than double the hospitalization rates and deaths in the world. Humanity had no protection against this unstoppable force. Until, humanity finally did it, they had the materials to protect themselves from this deadly virus. Hospitalization rates were lower than ever, deaths were decreased by a significant amount. However, humanity does have the ultimate weapon to defend against the virus, but why isn’t gone for good? Why are there still resurging cases throughout the earth?

This is all due to the only measly 50% of the entire population being vaccinated. Most of people being anti vax, religious, or refuse to get the virus due to other reasons. Out of all the hospitalizations, only 10% of vaccinated people or hospitalized, with 90% of people hospitalized and being unvaccinated.

With COVID cases dropping with the other countries, some states still struggle from stopping the resurgence of COVID cases. With health officials in Colorado growing more concerned due to the significant change to the rate of COVID infections grows to levels never seen before in the last 10 months. “In the last month alone, the state’s daily case average has nearly doubled — increasing by 91.5% since late September, according to federal data, and state data shows that Colorado’s average positivity rate has risen from just under 7% last week, to nearly 8.5% this week. “Colorado moving in the wrong direction is a clear signal that we are not yet out of this pandemic, especially in under-vaccinated states. Colorado has yet to reach 70% with a first dose and if you layer in colder temperatures and relaxed masking, history is likely to repeat itself,” said John Brownstein, an epidemiologist at Boston Children’s Hospital and an ABC News contributor.”

With the Southern states having a decrease in COVID rates, while the colder states, including Colorado, are experiencing an uprise in cases due to cold weather in the winter. With the COVID virus being known for thriving in cold weather, this is clearly not a good sign. With 5 states, Alaska, Colorado, Maine, New Hampshire, and New Mexico have all seen a percent increase in hospitalization by around 15% or more during the past two weeks. “We are continuing to move very much in the wrong direction,” Scott Bookman, Colorado’s COVID-19 chief, said at a briefing on Wednesday.

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