Apple updates rules to allow developers to communicate with consumers more freely

Apple, currently the most expensive company in the word valued at almost 2.5 trillion dollars has updated their App Store rules to include a more free developer consumer relationship.

Apple has faced much backlash the recent years with their full control of their App Store charging developers 30% for any purchase done on their apps. The new rules, which Apple codified in changes to three of its guidelines, allow developers to request name and email information from users, so long as it’s optional and not a required part of using their app. Apple also said it would not allow developers to collect information about kids. 

Apple also made the change to allow users to use alternative payments which was not allowed before. Couple years back Apple fought with the company Epic Games which resulted in the popular game “Fortnite” being removed off the App Store. The change allowing alternative payments is a step to having a less of a monopoly over app purchases.

The move marks Apple’s latest effort to adjust how it manages its App Store to respond to criticism that it’s too tightly controlling of what developers can do. And since the App Store is the only place Apple allows iPhone and iPad owners to download apps from, these developers say they’re too restricted in what they’re allowed to do on mobile devices.

In the midst of this, last month Apple struck a separate agreement with Japan’s Fair Trade Commission to allow “reader” apps like Netflix to add links for signup websites off the App Store. That change will go into effect next year and apply to developers around the globe providing access to magazines, newspapers, books, music and video.

Hopefully with the new changes Apple is able to become a more free roaming service taking only a small fraction of developer money.


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