Treating Headaches

When I was younger, once in a while I would get these nagging headaches. They would come to me at the most random times and I remember being frustrated because I did not know what to do except for call my parents. My mom would often just put a wet rag on my head and I would rest for however long. Before today I had no clue if anything I did those days to get rid of my headache worked. Now I can confirm if my mom’s methods worked and can pass this information forward.

First we have to take a look into the different types of headaches in order to determine the severity of the headache and the specific treatment needed for that headache. There are four main headaches types and they are: migraine, tension, clutter, and hypnic. Migraine headaches are the most common types of headaches. They can be solved by placing a cold object on the forehead and resting in a cool and dark room. All other types of headaches require much more treatment, so it is best to seek medical help if the pain is worse than just a throbbing pain.

Headaches during pregnancy is another issue that needs to be discussed. This is due to the fact that headaches are more common in pregnant women, and it can cause extreme amounts of stress due to the already increased amount of hormones in a pregnant woman. Pregnant women may have to change their whole lifestyle in order to lower the chances of headaches occurring. For example, they can exercise and also avoid headache triggers of the past, any stimuli that caused headaches in the past.

Some more lesser known tips to make sure the headache is gone as soon as possible is to chew as little as you can. Chewing causing too much stress in the jaw that can hurt the head as well. Getting caffeine may help as well because it helps counter the pain in the head by helping pain relievers in your head work better. Ginger also has a similar effect and it is a very untraditional method to relieve pain, but it is still effective.

In conclusion, there are more ways to cure headaches than I previously knew. I also did not know that there were different types of headaches, each with own level of severity. One of the most pestering conditions in the world, I believe it is essential to know how to get rid of headaches.


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