New Travel Ban Releases on November 8th

On November 8th, the Biden Administration will officially lift its travel bans on approximately 3 dozen countries, in light of the end of the coronavirus pandemic. While travel restrictions previously included no traveling, this round of mandates only requires that all traveling citizens be vaccinated fully with any approved vaccine. For the United States, one of the leading countries for vaccination rates, this change would allow much more travel to and from other countries.

The White House’s assistant press secretary Kevin Munoz said “This announcement and date applies to both international air travel and land travel. This policy is guided by public health, stringent, and consistent.” The travel ban lifts applies to countries such as many European countries — such as the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Spain — in addition to China and Iran, among others, many being popular travel destinations prior to the pandemic.

To maintain this process, the government along with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is establishing that all public airlines flying through American airports, require to collect personal information from its passengers, including their vaccination status.

On the other side, passengers who are entering the United States must also be fully vaccinated according to the passengers’ respective airline and countries of arrival.

In light of what seems to be a nearing end of the initial coronavirus outbreak, the Biden Administration promises to continue their COVID-19 recovery plans, a promise made by President Joe Biden when taking office.

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