A Day in the Life of a Nurse

Nurses and other healthcare workers are some of the hardest working in the world. They have to make sure that their work is perfect because their patients’ lives are on the line. This may be too stressful for some, but nurses and healthcare workers are used to it as they do it on a day to day basis. A typical workload of a nurse has significantly increased due to Covid-19, but their day to day work is still similar to what it used to be.

Due to Covid-19, there are more protocols that nurses have to take in order to ensure their safety and their patients’ safety as well. Many nurses wake up at nearly midnight, at like 4 or 5 because they need to tend to more patients at the hospital. As soon as they reach the hospital, they need to check on the patients that were assigned to them. But sooner into their shift, a flood of new patients reach the hospital and each nurse is assigned more patients. This is combined with new emergencies appearing once in a while, a nurse may not get off of work until 8. What is even more stressful inducing is that many nurses also get sick so other nurses have to take on their patients and shifts.

Now lets look at the daily lives of nurses before Covid-19. It is still very busy and crazy for many registered nurses because of the nursing shortage. Many nurses woke up at 6 am and began checking on patients as soon as they reached the hospitals. The workload very much depended on which other units they are assigned to. For example, some nurses are apart of the sexual assault forensic examiner unit, which requires more work and shifts. If not for these extra shifts, nurses usually end their shifts at 7 pm and work a little bit less on weekends compared to nurses who have extra units to attend to.

Overall, nursing is a very tedious and tiring work because of the high demand for nurses and the fact that hospitals never close. Thus nurses must be there at every shift and work hard to ensure that their patients are receiving the care that they need. Although it is very stress inducing and difficult at times, nurses stay strong and continue to help may the world a better place one at a time.


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