LA’s Vaccine Mandate, Pro’s and Con’s

The mayor of LA has successfully passed a mandate, stating all citizens taking part in indoor events, be it restaurants, malls, or parties, must show a verification of their vaccination. KTLA found, “The city’s ordinance expands on a countywide order that on Thursday will begin requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination at indoor bars, wineries, breweries, nightclubs, lounges and mega outdoor events.” In the case for those who claim to have a excuse for not being vaccinated such as religion, they can prove that they are Covid negative by testing 72 hours before hand in the place of a vaccine card.

Although this is a strict mandate, Martinez states, “No one is forcing anyone to get vaccinated,” L.A. City Council President Nury Martinez said last week. “But if you don’t, there are certain things you will not be able to do without showing proof of vaccination. We’re getting tired of protecting people who do not want to protect themselves and get vaccinated,” Martinez said last week. KTLA also states , “Patrons who aren’t vaccinated and don’t qualify for an exemption can still opt to use outdoor areas of the venues. And they can be allowed to briefly go inside the location to use the restroom, order or pick up an item if they’re masked.”Some business owners said they were concerned about having to turn away customers while still recovering from the economic downturn. ” It is clear that these restrictions and mandates are working, as in the last couple weeks, covid related hospitalizations and deaths have reduced by around 45%.

L.A. Vaccine Mandate: City Council Passes Ordinance for Indoor Spaces – The  Hollywood Reporter

Despite it’s success, the mandate wasn’t a unanimous vote. It passed 11-2 meaning there was still some opposition to it. It was approved with the urgency clause and it is concerning individuals that it could result in the delay of the vaccine card requirement.”The City Council was initially set to vote on the proposal last week, but it was postponed after mayoral candidate Councilman Joe Buscaino withheld his vote over concerns about enforcement, and that it could sow confusion since it differs from county rules.” There was also some criticism of this new mandate. AP News stated, “The move came after the City Council postponed a vote last week to deal with concerns ranging from who could be fined for violations to whether employees could end up in fist-fights when they have to serve as vaccine door monitors. Some critics charge that a mandate would amount to segregation of those who cannot or refuse to be vaccinated. Others call it unenforceable.” So despite all the benefits that this mandate has potential for, there are some obvious drawbacks that should be addressed.

L.A. to require COVID vaccine proof for indoor restaurants, gyms, malls in one of nation’s strictest mandates

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