A new “First”

There were many “firsts” achieved in terms of outer space. the first dog in outer space. The first man and woman in outer space. Now, Russia has launched a rocket that has a crew to shoot a movie in the International Space Station. They have beaten the Hollywood actors in this aspect.

The crew on the rocket were the actor, Yulia Peresild, a director, Klim Shipenko, and their veteran Russian astronaut guide, Anton Shkaplerov that launched towards the ISS on Tuesday. Their mission is to shoot scenes for the first feature-length film in space. While there were many movies based in space with advanced computer graphics, never was a movie that was actually directed in space.

A Soyuz rocket, the main rocket of Russia’s space program, lifted off on time at 4:55 a.m. EST from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Mr. Shipenko, the director of the movie which is named “The Challenge,” held up the script of the movi as he waved to cameras. “We didn’t forget to take it with us,” he said, according to a translator, before he boarded with the other crew members to get dressed in their suits.

The rocket used something called the “two orbit scheme” to reach the International space station, and made it into orbit in just three hours. It was unusually fast, as journeys to the lab in space typically last between eight and 22 hours over multiple orbits around Earth.

The MS-19 spacecraft carrying its three-person crew was expected to dock with the space station at 8:12 a.m. But because of some “miscommunication” between the capsule and mission control in Moscow, possibly the result of weather conditions on Earth, Mr. Shkaplerov, the mission’s commander, was forced to abort an initial automated docking attempt. Mr. Shkaplerov instead manually steered the vessel to the russian segment of the ISS.

The capsule latched onto the space station around 8:22 a.m. slightly behind schedule. Opening the hatch door was also delayed as the crew checked for air leaks, and as the Russian astronauts already on the station lined up their first shot: Ms. Peresild’s arrival.


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