Facebook and Instagram hit with worst global outage since 2008.

Facebook and Instagram is known for being the biggest social media platform in the world. With Instagram having 1 billion active users monthly and Facebook having 2.9 billion monthly active users it is safe to say they dominate the social media market. This morning however, October 4th Facebook and the other companies they own, (WhatsApp, Oculus, Messenger, Instagram, etc.) has been down for more than 3 hours.

At the time in 2008 Facebook and its platforms faced a global outage with its 80 million users which is nothing compared to the 2.9 billion today.

Coincidentally, the outage comes one day after the whistleblower who leaked private internal research to both The Wall Street Journal and U.S. Congress revealed herself ahead of an interview with “60 Minutes.” The documents, first reported in a series of Journal stories, revealed that the company’s executives understood the negative impacts of Instagram among younger users and that Facebook’s algorithm enabled the spread of misinformation, among other things.

The outage has also affected the price of Facebook market shares, as of 12:40 PST the Facebook stock was down about 5.6% which is a very significant amount of price plunge.

All these events has caused Facebook to have a very bad day. The whistleblower, global outage, and the stock plunge has damaged the company. With more time Facebook will hopefully come back up and is able to clear up the incident as well.


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