Child Obesity

Child obesity, or other known as pediatric obesity, is a condition where a child weighs significantly more than the average population based on their height and weight. Child obesity can have many negative efforts on a child’s body, especially since their body and mind are still developing. It is a serious problem in the U.S because every one in five person in America has obesity. According to the CDC, child obesity is more common among certain age groups, as more 12-19 year olds are obese(21.2%) compared to 2-5 years olds(13.4%). It is important to know the causes of child obesity and the . It makes it tough for a child if they are already unhealthy from the very beginning.

There are many factors that contribute to one having child obesity. One prevalent factor is genetics, as a child is more likely to gain weight and become obese if someone in their bloodline had struggles with obesity. Another huge factor is the child’s environment. If a child is stressed out or having problems in school, they may overindulge themselves with food. Many overweight kids are bullied at school, and this negatively affects a child’s brain as a result. The kid’s own diet and lifestyle is another huge factor, as child obesity can be avoided by making better lifestyle choices. There are a lot of negative psychological effects that come from obesity as it reveals why obesity is a much bigger problem than people thought.

Child obesity can lead to many health problems in the later years of one’s life. It can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is another complication caused by child obesity, as the crazy intake of food can damage one’s livers. physical damages like joint pains and breathing troubles as well are negative side effects of child obesity.Like I mentioned before, it has psychological effects such as poor self-esteem and depression.

So how can child obesity be cured? Well, the most efficient treatment is by changing their lifestyle and eating habits. The child must take full responsibility and take action over their lives and overcome this huge obstacle that was hurled into their lives so early.

Many children out there are affected by this terrible condition, where their health is already on the line from an early age. Of course, this condition is treatable, but only by hard dedication from the child themselves. While suffering physically from this condition, the kids must combat the social and mental obstacles that come from it as well. Overall, chilkd obesity is not a joke and must be known.


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