VA offers $1B telehealth contract opportunity

The contract is aimed at procuring remote patient monitoring and telemedicine devices, to be distributed to VA facilities or to veterans.

This week, the Department of Veterans Affairs announced a $1 billion contract opportunity for remote medical monitoring and telehealth services to address veterans’ requirements. The Veterans Healthcare Administration “constantly pursues advancements in digital health technologies to improve the quality of health care available to veterans, to improve the efficiency of health care providers and staff, and to increase veterans’ overall satisfaction” with the VA and VHA, a spokesperson for the VA told Healthcare IT News. As the agency official stated, the VA Commodities and Services Acquisition Service and the Denver Logistics Center have been charged with procuring remote patient monitoring and home telehealth (abbreviated RPM-HT) services and equipment to fulfill the requirements of United States military veterans. DLC acquires RPM-HIT medical device data systems for delivery to specific VA medical institutions and to veteran patients directly. The contract specifies a variety of necessary line items, including a platform hub with cellular and POTS capabilities; peripherals such as pedometers, spirometers, and non-pharmacy digital blood glucose meter cables or adapters that connect with VA-provided ones; and setup instructions. Health and fitness monitors, as well as talking weight scales, are optional.

“Veterans utilize the RPM-HT technologies to upload vital signs, clinical question responses, and other measurements that can assist them in self-management and alert caregivers or medical personnel to the need for active care/case management, including referral to clinic and/or hospital care,” the contract stated. Additionally, the contractor will be expected to offer a help desk for VA employees and veterans, as well as a contact support number for urgent technical, patient safety, or risk management problems. The contract includes a two-year basic term with a $100,000 minimum guarantee each contract, as well as six optional one-year durations. The maximum value, which will be distributed among four prospective suppliers, is $1.032 billion. Since before the epidemic, the Department of Veterans Affairs has relied on telemedicine. In fiscal year 2019, the agency provided over 2.6 million episodes of telehealth care, a 17% increase over the previous fiscal year. It turned to private businesses last year to extend its reach, collaborating with Apple and Philips to continue attempting to connect veterans.

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