New York’s Vaccine Mandate

In theory, mandating health care workers to receive vaccinations is great. However, in reality, almost the opposite is true. CNN finds that hundreds of healthcare workers who didn’t receive their vaccinations were suspended from their work and can also lose their jobs soon because of the vaccine mandate that went into effect almost immediately.

“As of Monday evening, 92% of hospital staff, 92% of nursing home staff, and 89% of adult care facility staff had at least one vaccine dose, Gov. Kathy Hochul’s office said. The vaccination rates increased considerably over the last four weeks as the state crept closer to the vaccine deadline, Hochul said.” This, in turn, could actually result in worse overall healthcare for Americans rather than better. 

It's Going to Be the Vaccination, Stupid! | RAND

However, hospitals and nursing homes have taken steps to prepare/deal with this shortage in healthcare workers. “New York City’s public-hospital system brought in 500 additional nurses to fill holes across its hospitals and clinics, said Dr. Mitchell Katz, president and chief executive of NYC Health + Hospitals. “ The establishments prepared for the shortages as well by cutting the number of elective surgeries and new nursing home admissions. However, the limiting of new nursing home admissions has caused a back up into its hospitals.

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