Digitalization in engineering sector

Industrial digital transformation has emerged as a key driver in triggering the industrial paradigm and solving industrial challenges. The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of Korea has come up with strategies for digital transformation in individual sectors in each industry, reflecting the specificity of the industrial sector in a society that is rapidly shifting as the spread of COVID-19 continues.

The Ministry of Industry and Energy proposed the digitalization of engineering to strengthen the future competitiveness of the engineering industry through the “Engineering Industry Innovation Strategy” announced in May 2020. It is a project designed to lay the foundation for high added value in the engineering industry through the combination of engineering and 4th industrial revolution technology. It builds a big data platform through digitalization and integration of scattered analog data and supports the strengthening of digital capabilities of engineering SMEs.

The Ministry of Industry and Energy announced that it will invest a total of 23.6 billion won from this year to 2023 to achieve its goal and push for an “engineering big data construction project” as an R&D project.

First, the project lays the foundation for building an integrated platform and utilizing data suitable for the data characteristics of the engineering industry. Second, it collects engineering pre-cycle data scattered in companies and public and supports AI-based change and analysis services. Finally, through the establishment of cloud-based engineering SW operation infrastructure, it supports the distribution and utilization of SW and conducts engineering data collection tasks derived in the process of utilizing SW.

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy said it expects the project to help strengthen the competitiveness of the engineering industry as it has advantages such as design efficiency, cost prediction, and efficient business management through data-based engineering.


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