Pandemic is going to continue if this keeps on going on

The Global pandemic that took the world by storm happened over 1.5 years. Over these past years, daily and weekly cases have been decreasing steadily, with some unpredictable flare ups. After the vaccines were introduced, the result that most people desired was finally possible. With a efficacy rate of over 90% with the vaccines, the pandemic was sure to end soon. The vaccines were very effective, showing signs of better protection against the virus. Less cases were recorded globally, it was possible to start the school semester in person. Finally, at last, the situation was clearing up, and coming to an end. However, even with the introduction of the vaccines, that was not the case. Why?

Even with vaccines, the pandemic cannot just end like this. The vaccines did lower COVID cases by a substantial amount, but there was a big problem that was preventing the pandemic from ending. It was clear, even after several months, people were avoiding vaccinations for the virus. There were many factors preventing 50% of the population from getting fully vaccinated. Denial, carelessness, or people who are against vaccines(anti-vax)’, religion, and poverty. Masks and social distancing won’t end the pandemic, but vaccinations will.

There was always a controversy against vaccines since the introduction of them in `1798, the small pox vaccine. Many uneducated citizens made bizarre claims against vaccines. News quickly spread influencing new people who were against the vaccines, telling people that vaccines were dangerous and there wasn’t any evidence proving that they were effective or even, safe. They were even known to cause autism. However, there hasn’t been a significant piece of evidence proving these claims, However, there are still many people in the society do not encourage the use of vaccines, including the COVID vaccine.

Another common problem with unvaccinated people are that they are in denial. They believe that they are immune to the effects of the virus, that the virus isn’t deadly, or believing that the virus isn’t a big threat as everyone makes it out to be. Matthew Trunsky, a pulmonologist and director of the palliative care unit at a Beaumont Health hospital in southeastern Michigan, has gained national attention after recounting what some patents gravelly ill with coronavirus have told him. “You’re wrong doctor. I don’t have COVID” and “I’d rather die than take the vaccine” were among the eight examples he shared in a Facebook post earlier in September

Unvaccinated patients may might as well be inevitable with the topic of poverty. Many countries in poverty have less than 30% vaccination rates in “developing states.” However, many people in poverty are getting access to the vaccines, as more people get vaccinated. Unvaccinated people for the cause of religion maybe be inevitable, but with not even half of the world fully vaccinated, we are miles away from reaching the one goal everyone is trying to reach, to end the pandemic.

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