Tiny Houses for the LA Population Becomes Home

In the heart of Los Angeles, one of the greatest cities with the greatest homeless populations, local nonprofit organization “Hope of the Valley” has been building tiny homes for the homeless.

Built on small parcels of repurposed city properties, the “Chandler Boulevard Bridge Home Village currently houses 41 tiny homes, spanning across the 41,000 homeless residents of Los Angeles. The tiny homes are built with an air conditioner, closet, bed, and safe housing. The Chandler project also feeds residents 3 hot meals everyday to make sure hunger is not neglected. Residents can live in the homes for free and stay in the complex as long as they are on the process for permanent housing. During the process, estimated to take nearly 3-6 months, the tiny homes help to provide housing and a home to those struggling to get back on the their feet.

The Chandler project is open to help anyone in need, with previous residents being ex-drug addicts or victims of financial struggle.

“Hope of the Valley aims to house more than 900 people by November,” said Rowan Vansleve, president of Hope of the Valley.

While “Hope of the Valley” organizes the Chandler project, they are also managing trying to make the complex the safest it can be. With basic background checks on the incoming residents and the complex being near southern California, the organization strives to make this place “a home for anyone who needs it”.

“That way, people in the neighborhood see less homeless, less trash, less crime, fewer drug users roaming around,” Vansleve said. “I think these villages should spread across the country like Starbucks — be in every community.”

For one resident, Todd Dumanski commented on his interview with CNN on how these tiny homes changed his life for the better. As someone who had a life long history with drug and substance abuse, his life went from being a millionaire to someone of the streets of Loa Angeles.

“You give me tens of thousands of dollars, that isn’t going to help me right now,” Dumanski said. “I’m right where I want to be right now. I know what I have to do moving forward. This place has been a game changer, man.”



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