How Covid-19 affects patients with cancer

It is no secret that Covid-19 has had negative impacts from patients to healthcare workers in hospitals and other medical centers. Cancer patients have had their treatments delayed due to patients with new Covid-19 variants being priorities in most hospitals. However, there are even more ways that Covid-19 is correlated with cancer. For example, some cancer drugs may help reduce some symptoms of Covid-19. A negative effect Covid-19 has on cancer is that it may worsen the condition of cancer patients because Covid-19 preys on people with preexisting medical conditions. There are good and bad aspects of correlation between Covid-19 and cancer.

First, its best to view the negative impacts Covid-19 has on previous cancer patients. People who had just recently received cancer treatment may have to hold back on getting the vaccine because their immune system is still recovering. This puts them at high risk because their immune system is weaker due to the cancer treatment and they cannot receive the vaccine until later. If someone who recently had cancer contracts Covid-19, there is a much higher chance of death. This really puts into perspective how much Covid-19 really damages the chances of a recent cancer survivor or current cancer patient.

Next, lets look into how cancer drugs may help reduce symptoms of Covid-19. Cancer drugs usually target cancer cells and attempt to kill them before they multiply. In the case of people with Covid-19, cancer drugs have a different effect. A recent experiment conducted by scientists at NHI (National Cancer Institute) showed that when cancer drugs were given to patients with Covid-19 and patients without Covid-19, the patients with Covid-19 showed higher traces of white blood cells and proteins. This meant that cancer drugs were very effective in improving the immune system of the patient with Covid-19. This is an interesting find because of the fact that the cancer drug seems to have an immense effect on a person with coronavirus than someone who doesn’t. Scientists are looking to utilize this advantage to combat the threat of Covid-19.

To wrap it all up, both Covid-19 and cancer are huge diseases that affect people negatively many ways. However, there is some hope for fighting both these deadly diseases, as they seem to have some correlation between each other. One may be used to cure the other and vise versa. Who knows what scientists will do with this data.


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