Covid Infections at California Jail quadruple in less than a week.

A Coronavirus outbreak in a jail in Monterey County, Calif, has caused cases among prison inmates to quadruple in less than a week, mirroring conditions in other jails across the nation as the Delta Variant of the virus spreads. With the more contagious Delta Variant of the Covid virus, big population of prison inmates across the country are in grave danger. With many of them unprotected from the virus, due to not getting first two doses of the vaccine or even the third booster shot. The number of inmates who tested positive at the Monterey County jail rose up to 130 people as of Saturday, with one person hospitalized, from 30 on Monday according to the data provided by the Monterey County jail. With such an unprecedented outbreak in the jail, causing 4 times more cases then ever before. “Seventeen deputies have also tested positive in one week, and of those, only one was vaccinated,” said Derrel Simpson, a spokesman for the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office. The outbreak wasn’t related to sanitary issues, as the conditions there are far better then what they seem. “The staff members were still wearing masks, and providing cleaning stations.” This may just be due to the more contagious Delta variant. However, their hasn’t been a significant change in cases every since the Delta variant was introduced. In fact, there has been more overall cases since the start of the outbreak. Adding on to this, the vaccines are making a huge difference in the pandemic. With the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines having a greater than 90% efficacy rate. Unvaccinated and vaccinated are not in the same boat in terms of protection against the virus, even with the more dangerous Delta variant, unvaccinated are 5 times more likely of being hospitalized and 8 times more likely to die from the virus, with more severe symptoms generally occurring with the unvaccinated groups. The pandemic, unexpectedly spread across the world without anyone noticing it at first, with mild symptoms similar to the common cold, however as more serious cases were recorded, with serious symptoms such as severe respiratory problems, it became certain that this was not to take lightly. The world has had its many losses, and moving forward, precautionary measures are needed to ensure the safety of everyone living on earth itself.

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