Can gravity be a new source for renewable energy?

When it comes to eco-friendly renewable energy, most of them think of energy using solar and wind power. However, there is more promising energy source than solar and wind power. It’s “Gravity”. It is said that if we make good use of it, we can get the energy we need.

The first case that showed the possibility that gravity could become a new energy source was after a lamp that could light up the night without electricity supply was invented. The LED lamp named ‘Gravity Light’ is designed to emit light by gravity. A British home appliance designer was shocked to see a resident using kerosene lamps while visiting Africa. Residents continued to use kerosene lamps despite causing respiratory diseases and the danger of fire accidents. As a result, residents often suffered from respiratory diseases and fire accidents constantly occurred. In order to relieve the pain of the residents even a little, they created a lamp that operates with gravity energy through the experiences and knowledge they have learned. The structure of this gravity light is designed so that when a pocket filled with about 10kg of stone or sand pulls the string, it goes up and falls slowly when the string is released. It is designed to generate electricity by installing cogwheels at every falling stage so that the pocket can fall slowly. When the pocket slowly descends from high to low, the potential energy turns into kinetic energy, which generates electricity whenever the kinetic energy moves the cogwheel, and the electricity produced in this way supplies electricity to the LED lamp. Gravity Light is currently being distributed as a static technology for residents of low-income countries due to its low cost and high efficiency performance. It is expected that it can be used for self-generation purposes in the event of a disaster.

A system that secures energy by lowering heavy objects such as gravity light from top to bottom is called a “gravity energy storage system.” In Korea, a pumped storage hydroelectricity power plant using gravity is already in operation in Yangyang, Gangwon-do. Gravity Power, an American energy company, is developing a system that uses water to create energy by gravity, like pumping power plants. It is designed to store a large amount of water underground and then store energy by moving a huge piston up and down with the water.

Such a gravity-energy storage system is more economical than a system using a lithium-ion battery, but it is still necessary to solve the problem of high cost.


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