Bladder Cancer

As we all know, there are many different types of cancer which harm the human body in different ways. There is even a cancer that develops in the bladder, which is located in the lower abdomen and filters urine in and out of it. When a cancer develops in the bladder, it can have many negative effects on the body’s ability to manage waste. If the body is not able to remove waste properly, then many problems can occur. It is important to know the symptoms of bladder cancer, how it is diagnosed, and how to treat it in order to ensure the safety of people who have bladder cancer moving forward.

First lets look at how bladder cancer is diagnosed because that is the most important part of the process of curing bladder cancer. Similar to some other cancers, the faster bladder cancer is diagnosed, the higher probability there is of it being fully cured. There are many different ways of diagnosing whether one has bladder cancer or not. An urine test, or an urinalysis, is probably the most common way bladder cancer is diagnosed. Obviously since bladder cancer has to do with the bladder and urine, there are going to be signs in the urine. Other methods include x-rays, CT scans, and internal examinations. Doctors have to be able to see the inside of the bladder to determine if one has bladder cancer or not, there are no external stimuli that tell them.

Now on to the symptoms of bladder cancer. The most common symptom of bladder cancer is bleeding when one extracts waste from their body. Also there is a lot of irritation in the lower abdomen area and the pain range differs between every person. Frequent urination is another symptom that comes with bladder cancer. Frequent urination is needing to urinate more than seven times in 24 hours after drinking only 2 liters of liquid. The symptoms may not seem too extreme to some, however, bladder cancer can lead to death so it must be eradicated as quick as possible.

So how is bladder cancer cured one might ask. The only way bladder cancer can be fully cured is if it is diagnosed during stage 0a, or the non-invasive stage. Through long-term treatment, bladder cancer can be fully eradicated. This is why early diagnosis is so vital in curing cancers because cancer cells replicate so quickly.

In conclusion, there are many types of cancers and it is super beneficial to know all the types in order to be identify them and cure them as fast as possible. Bladder cancer is just one of the many different types of cancer and it can be cured with early diagnosis. If more people learn everything about bladder cancer, hopefully more people with bladder cancer can be saved.


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