How Europe’s doors are slamming shut for Americans

Although most parts of Europe are open to American tourists in the summer and provide them with the opportunity to realize their dream of eating ice cream in Italy or visit the Paris Art Museum, the end of the season brings new restrictions and the beginning of the door to the European continent.

In early September, due to the increasing number of Covid19 cases in various states, the European Union recommended that American tourists not be allowed to travel to its member states. The news prompted European countries to update travel restrictions on Americans, while some American travelers were completely barred from entering the country.

Unsurprisingly, these changes have caused widespread confusion, especially for those planning to travel to Europe in the coming months. The following are more stringent regulations and what they mean for American travelers.

Can Americans still travel to Europe?

If you can. Only a small number of countries has limited all non-essential arrivals of the United States so far. Given that the EU’s opinion was released, Bulgaria, Norway and Sweden are the only ones to limit all accesses.
However, although at least one destination, Greece, has excluded that impose new curbs in travel in the near future, it is safe to say that Americans, especially those that are not vaccinated is likely to address more restrictions on days and weeks for come.

What are the new EU rules?

The European Union has abandoned the United States from its secure list and has advised its Member States to reconsider that allows us to travelers to enter an essential reason.

However, his advice is invited. There is no pressure for countries to adopt this measure and are free to ignore it if they wish.
This means that there is no general rule covering the continent. Instead, every destination country is free to adopt or ignore advice in accordance with their preferences.

Given how the valuable visitors of the United States are the tourist economies of Europe, it is likely that any decision to limit their arrival will be taken with considerable reluctance.

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