The Recipe for a Disaster

When the first vaccines were distributed, both the United Kingdom and the United States had a goal of vaccinating most of their country to get rid of lockdowns, or at least vaccinating the wealthy population. While the UK had vaccinated more than 60% of its population, the U.S. vaccination numbers are starting to slow down.

Because the majority of the population is not vaccinated, there are more risks of spreading the virus, especially the new delta variant. In other words, not getting vaccinated is the recipe for the next disaster in this pandemic. There are a few different reasons for not getting vaccinated. For some, it is because they have some beliefs that are not necessarily always true. For others, trust is given to the hospital, but there just isn’t enough space for reservations and it’s a hassle to get a dose. Lastly, some people believe they don’t need the vaccine because they are young and healthy. However, because the young have more social contacts, there are other opportunities for diseases to reproduce. 

In America, misinformation and distrust in the doctors make it difficult for the doctors to persuade the patients to get vaccinated.A chief medical officer at South Central Regional Medical Center in MIssissippi, Dr. Mark Horne said, “This is a very Christian, conservative place. I try and explain to my patients that I am a Christian and conservative, but that this is just science. One of my patients who has diabetes told me he won’t get the vaccine because he thinks it’s a political conspiracy. Even people I’ve treated for 25 years tell me that they trust me, but don’t trust the vaccine or the science behind it.” The lack of getting vaccines will be a disaster in the pandemic because there is more opportunities of the virus spreading.

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