PTSD in Veterans

Many people all over the world experience some type of trauma in their lives. This of course is the same with veterans, who have to experience one of the worst phenomena in the world: war. PTSD stands for post-traumatic stress disorder, and it is a disorder where a someone develops fear for a specific thing or event because of a negative experience. According to the Mighty Oaks Foundation, the prevalence of PTSD in veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq is 13.8%. This is a huge jump up from the regular population, which has a prevalence of 7-8%. This statistic shows that PTSD is a big problem among war veterans and gives insight into the struggles of other people as well because PTSD is a universal problem.

The worst part about PTSD for veterans may be the symptoms that come with the disorder. Whenever something similar to the event that caused trauma occurs, veterans may suffer panic attacks and these attacks could escalate. What’s even worse is the fact that thoughts of these traumatic events occur randomly so veterans may just start randomly having a panic attack. Since veterans always have to expect these painful memories to pop up, they always have negative emotions. They don’t believe that they can enjoy life because of the trauma and the pain they experienced from the war.

So how can we combat PTSD? Well the best way is therapy. However, there is only a certain extent to which therapy can help war veterans fight PTSD. This is because it is super unlikely that veterans will never experience the thoughts of the trauma. Therapy and support groups can help decrease the frequencies, but that is about it. Another way is to change one lifestyle to where it is less correlated to the thoughts of the trauma. Keeping one’s mind off of war may help decrease the sudden thoughts of trauma.

Mental health is one of the biggest prevailing issues today because it affects a huge range of people. Especially in war veterans , PTSD can affect lifestyles and could alter one’s life for the worst. It is best to seek treatment for PTSD and hopefully find a way to suppress it. After all, PTSD will never be gone because of the memories, but it is better to strive for a normal life than let PTSD take over.


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