What Is Going On In Afghanistan And The Taliban?

Afghanistan is facing grave danger as the Taliban tries to take over. Under the weight of a Taliban assault that began in May, Afghan security forces have crumbled in more than 15 cities in the last few days. Officials confirmed on Friday that two of the country’s most significant provincial capitals, Kandahar and Herat, were among those targeted. The United States have helped with $83 billion worth of weapons and training for Afghanistan’s security for over two decades. In fact, building the Afghan security apparatus was part of the Obama administration strategy. These efforts resulted in the creation of an army structured after the US military, an Afghan institution that was expected to outlive the American conflict, but it seems like it will not be strong for long.

It started when outposts in rural areas were ammunition-depleted and the people were starving. They were surrounded by Taliban fighters and forced them to surrender and leave their equipment behind. Soldiers and police officers have indicated growing dissatisfaction with the Afghan administration. Officials frequently turned a blind eye to what was going on, knowing full well that the Afghan forces’ true personnel count was considerably lower than what was on the books, which was distorted by corruption and secrecy that they silently tolerated.

“Afghan troops were then consolidated to defend Afghanistan’s 34 provincial capitals in recent weeks as the Taliban pivoted from attacking rural areas to targeting cities. But that strategy proved futile as the insurgent fighters overran city after city, capturing around half of Afghanistan’s provincial capitals in a week, and encircling Kabul.”

CNN article, “The Afghan Military Was Built Over 20 Years. How Did It Collapse So Quickly?”

The Taliban captured the whole headquarters of an Afghan Army corps – the 217th — at the airfield in the northern city of Kunduz on Wednesday, bringing the months of setbacks to a close. A decommissioned helicopter gunship was taken by the rebels. Photographs of an American-supplied drone seized by the Taliban, as well as images showing rows of armored vehicles, circulated on the internet. Afghan pilots claim that their leadership is more concerned with the condition of the planes than with the people who fly them: men and at least one woman who are exhausted from countless missions evacuating outposts, often under fire, all while the Taliban wage a brutal assassination campaign against them. As time continues to pass however, more territory will be in too much danger.

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