Sleep Disorders in Women

There are many different reasons people have trouble falling asleep. It may be because of stress, medication, jet lag, and more. Some may think that sleep disorders happen at the same rate for everyone. However, this is not the case as women are more likely to experience some sort of insomnia, or sleep disorder, at some point in their lives. This is a huge problem because of the fact that most adults need to sleep at least seven hours to achieve maximum rest for their body. If women are not receiving the amount of rest and sleep they need to function, it could affect their day to day life.

Women are more likely to get sleep disorders because of the biological functions only women have. For example, menstruation and pregnancy can affect a woman’s sleep schedule drastically. Of course men do not have to experience these conditions, so they are not as effected to sleep insomnia as women are. Especially during the third trimester of pregnancy, women can have lots of trouble falling asleep. This is because their level of hormones are changing so rapidly that the body has trouble falling asleep.

Another huge reason why women are more likely to have insomnia is their commitment to taking care of others. Many women take time off of their valuable sleep schedule in order to perform their duties as a mother or as a wife. Once a woman’s schedule is broken, it is super difficult to readjust. Period pains are causes of concern for women as well. Every woman experiences different levels of period pain and that can affect one’s sleep schedule as well.

The best way to take care of this problem is to seek a professional. Sleep specialists and therapists can discover the reason why someone is having trouble falling asleep. They will go deeper into the past to figure out the source of the problem. They may prescribe some medication that also helps one fall asleep.

All in all, women have more struggle with sleep disorders. This is due to many different reasons such as biology and stress that women have. There is no definite cure so women with sleep disorders should seek professional help immediately so that this problem does not get out of hand.


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