Facebook adds end-to-end encryption to messenger calls.

Facebook is currently the largest social media company currently owning Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp as 3 of their largest social medias, they are able to influence others to use their platforms. With the current epidemic of internet security many have wanted Facebook and other tech companies to keep personal information more private. This is a huge step to more user security and hopefully other companies will follow.

They announced that it’s giving users the option to add end-to-end encryption to voice and video calls on its messaging service Messenger. 

Enabling this feature means that anyone outside the sender and recipient, including Facebook, won’t be able to listen to your voice and video calls. Facebook already gives Messenger users the option to end-to-end encrypt their text messages.

A report showed that over 150 million calls were made on messenger every day making this a huge change in how companies would monitor consumers.

The release of the new feature shows that Facebook is continuing to add an extra layer of security to messages that flow throughout its platforms. The plans, though, have sparked concerns from child safety advocates that encryption could make it more difficult for law enforcement to crack down on child exploitation.

Facebook said users can still report encrypted messages to the company if they violate its rules. The social network is also updating a feature that makes messages disappear so people can choose the amount of time, which ranges from 5 seconds to 24 hours, they want their messages to stay in their chats. 

The social network is testing end-to-end encryption for group chats and calls on Messenger and in direct messages on Instagram, a photo and video sharing service Facebook also owns.

With new changes in the security Facebook provides it won’t be long until other companies follow the example.


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