‘This is starting to look really ominous in the South,’ expert says, as US is among nations with highest rate of new Covid-19 cases

The United States remains one of the countries with the highest incidence of new Covid19 cases. This is mainly due to the increase in the South, where many states are lagging behind in vaccinating people against the coronavirus.

“This starts to look very sinister in the South…. If you look at the transmission rates in Florida and Louisiana, they may actually be the highest in the world,” Dr. Peter Holtz, Dean of the National Academy Said Baylor College of Tropical Medicine told CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Friday. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, with the widespread use of vaccines, the infection rate in the United States began to fall by in the spring, while the 7-day moving average of daily confirmed cases in other countries such as India and Brazil has increased.

According to JHU data, as of August, the United States has so far reported more than 1.5 million new Covid19 cases, more than three times the number of Iran and India, which are currently ranked second and third. The average number of cases in 7 days has exceeded 135,000, far ahead of other countries.

In the comparison of Statystate, Louisiana has the newer cases per capita, and Florida continues.

“What is terrible that is terrible? And there is a level that shouted through the state of the southern state. And now we will see this happening between age groups,” said Hotez.

Florida, Florida, broke its own records in Covid 19 cases during last week, and 151,415 new cases record the most infected infections of the life pandemic throughout the world.

This growth was driven by the more contagious variant of Delta, which overwhelmed hospitals across the country.
In Louisiana, Governor John Bel Edwards said that the number of hospitalizations reached a pandemic record of at least 2,907 patients, an increase of 6 from the previous day.

” They are not only the highest ever. They are almost a third higher than at any time during this pandemic. Our hospital is struggling. People remain the limiting factor for ability. Our hospital staff, nurses and physicians, respiratory therapists and physician assistants, tell them, they are exhausted, “the governor said Friday.

Edwards said state hospital leaders are concerned about the increase.

” I will do it. Tell him, I have never heard you express more concern, panic or anxiety than this week, because we are rapidly approaching the tipping point, “added Edwards.

According to Dr. David Kimberlin, director of the Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in Alabama, the number of infants and adolescents hospitalized with Covid19 has increased dramatically.

“We’ve seen a lot of very sick children admitted to our hospital. We now have almost twice as many people as we did during the most severe period of the pandemic (probably January),” Kimberlin said of CNN Burnett’s Erin on Friday.

“These children are struggling to breathe, basically struggling to survive this devastating disease. Many of them are hooked up to ventilators, maybe a quarter of them are hooked up to ventilators or heart-lung machines,” he says.

He added that when the children return to the classroom, “whether they are vaccinated or not, it is vital that everyone at school wears a mask.”

“I think the most effective way is to authorize and demand … everyone. What saddens me is that it seems like we are arguing about the way we do it. We all should and want to believe that we take the best interests of our children seriously. We have to do it for them. this issue.”

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