One step closer to the common dream: Scientists develop the first “flying car”

In Hollywood, a black, sleek, and aerodynamic module had flown across the sky. It wasn’t a helicopter, nor was it a plane. It was something unique that the canadian inventor Marcus Leng was developing. Her name was BlackFly. It is the flying car that Mr.Leng developed. The vehicle certainly doesn’t look like the typical “car” that people would imagine. It looks more like a drone, or a helicopter, than a car. Even the developer of the car has said “It may look like a strange beast, but it will change the way transportation happens”. 

Engineers and Entrepreneurs like Mr.Leng are in the run to develop these devices, which they believe will be less dangerous and less expensive than helicopters. They also claim that it will help elevate the problem of traffic, claiming their ultimate goal to be to “free the world from traffic”. Many companies are creating these devices, and three of them are rated as high as six billion dollars. One of the companies, Kitty hawk, is  run by Mr. Thrun, the Stanford University computer science professor who founded Google’s self-driving car project. He says that auto-driving is more safe in the air than on the ground, and it will enter our lives very soon. 

There are some problems with this vehicle, as there are positives. There are no promises made that these cars will be in cities, in full running conditions, in the next few years. This negative, however, did not stop companies from spending millions of dollars in developing this field. The lack of a powerful battery source is one of the main reasons why the development is lacking; the battery technologies nowadays are simply too weak to power the vehicle for prolonged periods of time. The vehicle will definitely be more expensive than the average car, one of the prototypes costing one hundred fifty thousand dollars or more. The sound of the spinning rovers are also too loud to use as a casual car as well.

With all these negatives, many experts say that flying cars are quite far away from ourselves. However, most of them agree that progress is being made, one step at a time, little by little.


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