Disney Wins the Streaming War

Streaming War

Disney and Netflix have been competing ever since the start of Disney+ in the streaming industry. Netflix has the lead, with years of dominating the market, with originals like “Money Heist” and “Stranger Things”. Disney on the other hand, has removed all their content from other platforms and provided it through Disney+, having immensely popular movies such as “Cruella” and “Luca”. Disney is currently winning the numbers battle, adding 12.4 million new subscribers since last quarter, compared to Netflix’s 1 million new subscribers. In the last quarter, Disney added 9 million subscribers while Netflix added 4 million. Globally, Disney+ is around 90 million subscribers behind Netflix due to Netflix’s huge lead. However, it’s making good progress, at a pace with a 20 million net subscriber lead for this year over Netflix. 

Other competitors in the streaming market are Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV+. Amazon Prime Video has several popular series such as “The Boys” and “Invincible” available on the platform. Apple TV+ offers “Ted Lasso”, and “See”, and has a free one year trial bundled with new hardware. NBCUniversal has a platform called Peacock, which offered the 2020 Tokyo Olympics with 54 million sign-ups in the past quarter. WarnerMedia’s HBO and HBO Max forecasts 73 million subscribers for the end of the year globally. ViacomCBS has multiple platforms, including Paramount+, Showtime, Noggin, BET+, and several others, which amounts to 42 million+ subscribers. The Discovery Channel has 18 million subscribers total, Starz has 28.9 million subscribers, and AMC Networks forecasts 9 million subscribers by the end of the year. Additionally, Disney possesses other platforms such as Hulu and ESPN+, which also bring in subscribers under Disney’s umbrella. 

Disney has even more subscribers to look forward to with Marvel’s “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” set to come out in theatres on September. Disney CEO Bob Chapek stated that the movie is planned to head towards Disney+ after a 45-day window in theatres, which would be in mid-October. 


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