Elon shows off his new “Starship”

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX recently made a new spaceship. The name of the ship is Starship and said how his vision is becoming a reality. SpaceX has made astronomical progress the past years and have made history in Space travel. When he was asked about his new spaceship he replied with, “Dream come true.” he also estimated it could take two weeks to work through a to-do list, including the installation of more heat shield tiles on Starship.

Musk had previously posted views of the Super Heavy rocket — a 29-engine behemoth that’s meant to escort Starship on a test flight into orbit for the first time — on the pad at SpaceX’s development facility in Boca Chica, Texas.

SpaceX has been conducting a series of short test flights in Texas with Starship prototypes, some of which survived the process and some of which exploded. The orbital Starship will be the most ambitious test yet and the first with the massive Super Heavy rocket needed to boost it to space. 

The development was followed by several tests. The company started off in 2019 with a 39m-tall “test article” called Starhopper – which bore a passing resemblance to a water tower – and flew it to 150m above ground.

The first prototype to feature a nosecone and flaps – Starship serial number (SN8) – flew to an altitude of 12.5km in December 2020. It belly flopped back to Earth, giving SpaceX valuable engineering data about the final part of the vehicle’s return from space.

However, SN8 approached the landing pad a little too fast and hard, causing it to crumple and explode. Three more test articles exploded before Starship SN15 achieved success with a soft landing in May 2021.

SpaceX plans to launch Starship on Super Heavy for its first orbital test flight some time in 2021.


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