Alcohol Addiction Disorders

Even since alcohol was invented, it has been a way of relieving stress and having fun for many people. However, like many things, too much alcohol is very dangerous, maybe even fatal for some. It may be harmful to others as well because alcohol can change the people that they love. For example, many domestic violence cases are due to one person’s high alcohol intake. Thus, it is important to know the certain disorders that are correlated with alcohol addiction to help spread awareness about these deadly disorders and how to possibly prevent them.

There are many factors that contribute to alcohol addiction disorders. These addiction disorders may stem from genetics, environment, behavior, or social factors. Everyone is different, so the causes for people with alcohol addiction disorders are going to differ. Many social and environmental pressures can lead to excessive drinking in order to try and relieve that stress. Genetic factors play into this because one’s resistance to taking heavy intakes of alcohol is based on genetics. A family history of alcohol addicts will lead to a higher chance of one having higher alcohol dependence.

Alcohol addiction disorders can affect people in many ways. Memory loss, blackouts, and hangovers are only short term effects of high alcohol intake. Long term effects may include relationship problems, poor performance at work or school, and problems with drugs. Health-wise, alcohol addiction may cause liver damage and heart problems, both of which get worse as time goes on. Overall, alcohol addiction brings no benefits, but only pain and suffering for the individual and the people around them.

Most people with alcohol addictions do not seek help by themselves. Usually the people around them tell the individual that their drinking is becoming a problem. One can seek help by going to support groups, where many people like them talk about how to overcome this addiction. If the addiction is more on the severe side, they should probably seek therapy or medical attention.

I cannot stress enough how terrible these alcohol addiction disorders are. They not only heavily damage the health and social life of individuals, they damage the lives of the people around them. There are too many kids out there who have issues at home because one of their family members has a drinking problem. Thus, I think it is crucial that more awareness is spread about these disorders and more prevention is sought in the future.


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