Worse than Chickenpox

CDC just released news that the delta variant of COVID-19 is as contagious as chickenpox but causes more severe infection. This document showcased unpublished data that showed that fully vaccinated people still could spread the Delta variant. This dataset also showed that vaccinated individuals catch the Delta variant as frequently as the unvaccinated. On The Washington Post, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky confirmed that the dataset was authentic. 

What makes the variant so dangerous is the transmission rate of the virus. Scientists now know it’s one of the most contagious viruses like measles or chickenpox. From this new information, CDC claimed that they would publish data on Friday that would release new guidelines for those who are fully vaccinated. Dr. Walensky said last Tuesday that CDC recommends everyone, including fully vaccinated individuals, to wear masks indoors and in areas where transmission rates are high. Adding on, everyone in school should wear a mask. “The measures we need to get this under control — they’re extreme. The measures you need are extreme,” Walensky told CNN. CNN continues to write, “The CDC presentation says the Delta variant is about as transmissible as chickenpox, with each infected person, on average, infecting eight or nine others. The original lineage was about as transmissible as the common cold, with each infected person passing the virus to about two other people on average. That infectivity is known as R0”. Adding on, vaccinated people would hold as many viruses as unvaccinated people so everyone is contributing to the transmission of the variant. 

However, it is proven in the document that vaccinated people are safer. The document states that the risk of disease or death are reduced by 10 fold and the risk of infection three fold when it comes to vaccinated individuals. Because of the benefits of the vaccine, President Biden is taking his next steps. CNN writes that “Earlier Thursday, President Joe Biden announced a number of new steps his administration will take to try to get more Americans vaccinated, including requiring that all federal employees must attest to being vaccinated against Covid-19 or face strict protocols”.

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