Shortage of men in the nursing field

Usually when you are at the doctors for an appointment, you can look around and see the majority of nurses being female. You may have once pondered and thought about why there are few males nurses. Well, there are many reasons that explain why this is so. It isn’t necessarily the worst thing that there is a lack of male nurses, but it would be great to see more males enter the nursing field. There is already a shortage of nurses, so if more males enter the nursing field it can help fill the void. I will be going over the three biggest reasons for the shortage of males in the registered nursing field.

In my eyes, the biggest reason for the scarcity of males in the nursing field is because of gender stereotypes. The stereotype that the nursing field is really only dedicated for females has been around since the early 1900s. During many wars, most nursing jobs in the military were taken by females, and thus the stereotype began. According to Egenes, people thought that females would be the better nurses because of their ability to nurture their own infants. This stereotype has steered many men away from nursing because they believe they will be looked down upon because they entered a female dominated field.

Another reason for this disparity is because of the lack of recruitment efforts. Many nursing programs do not take the effort to try and recruit males for their program. They continue to target mainly women and this is a problem because like I mentioned earlier, there is a nurse shortage in the world. According to the National League for Nursing, the difference in numbers of females enrolled in nursing programs compared to males enrolled in nursing programs is huge. It is almost an 80% difference. The recruitment of nursing programs has to do a lot with these numbers.

The last reason is because of career misconceptions. Many believe that nurses are not paid as well as they actually are because it is a female dominated field. However, this is very untrue and nursing is one of the more successful and safe careers out there

There are many reasons for why nursing has a lack of males in the field. No matter what the reasons are, I think that everyone should overlook these reasons so that more males take jobs as nurses. This would benefit everyone because males get a reliable job in nursing, while the worldwide shortage of nurses decreases as well.


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