The Fight Against Anti-Abortion Laws

Throughout a political and ethical (and religious as well) battle, abortion has been heavily debated upon and new legislations are prohibiting abortion access in certain states.

Abortion, a termination method of a pregnancy before the fetus has been born, has been used by women who feel they cannot or do not want to care for a potential child. However, more states have declared abortion illegal after some number of weeks in order to protect the “baby”, which minimizes access to abortions.

More specifically, Mississippi is close to passing a law that states that women cannot get an abortion after fifteen weeks of pregnancy. Texas holds the tightest restrictions on abortion: a woman can not get an abortion after six weeks. People revolted in rejection reasoning with the fact that six weeks of pregnancy equates to a longer menstrual cycle, giving pregnant women little to no chance of having a legal termination. In total, there are currently about six hundred anti-abortion laws in forty seven out of fifty states this year, leaving only three states to have easily accessible abortions without any restrictions. Other restrictions include counseling involved from a professional medical opinion. There are twelve abortion bans across nine states.

According to Guttmacher Institute, a national abortion support organization, legislative bills have come out as a surge since 1973, also the Roe v. Wade abortion case. Through the state’s governments, most of which are occupied by white males of old age, they have been quick to pass such laws, based on a different science and reasoning. Some of which is inevitably imposed by the biblical reasons as for certain large religions and some were based on a flawed understanding of science. Additionally, statistics showed that abortion bans have not necessarily reduced abortions in general, but just safe professional abortions. Under medical and mental conditions, girls and women can resort to unsafe methods.

In accordance to these recent bills, people across the nation and world have been actively trying to fight against such in means of protests, education, and taking cases to court. For example, with slogans such as “My body, my choice”, it reminds such governors that this right of women should not be taken away.

Guttmacher Institute


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