Latest hospital patients are unvaccinated and increasingly younger.

Covid-19 is the virus that is putting younger and older, healthy but unvaccinated people in danger. There continues to be a higher amount of cases each week in the U.S. “Over the past week, 48 states saw an increased spread of Covid-19 cases, with 30 reporting a more than 50% increase, data from John Hopkins University shows.” Many people have been doubting the effectiveness of social distancing and masks. “You have to get vaccinated.” O’Neal said. “That’s the only way to end it. Masks and social distancing won’t cut it. Vaccination is proven to be more effective at fighting the virus than unvaccinated people.

Every since February, 97% cases and deaths related to the Covid virus were people among the states that weren’t vaccinated. The vaccination pace has been slowing down, with less than half of the population in the U.S 48.5% are fully vaccinated. The communities with lower vaccination rates are at the most risk. “The number of those hospitalized with the virus in this country has more than doubled from the previous month.”

Rachel Maginn Rosser, is a person who thinks everyone should be vaccinated. She, recently lost her 63 year old mother to the virus, believes that if her mother was vaccinated, she would be alive today. She was in good shape, working out 5 times a week with a personal trainer, she was an social person who loved to go outdoors. However, after she got sick with the virus, her health deteriorated. She was a strong and active woman, but the virus still got to her. Rosser, who’s a nurse, said her mother didn’t get vaccinated because she believed that since she hadn’t already been infected she wasn’t going to get sick. She pleaded her mom to get vaccinated. “This virus doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t care if you’re old or you’re young, or you’re healthy or you’re not. Once you get it, it can be devastating to your family,” Rosser said.

In many cases, many people regret not getting vaccinated. Many unvaccinated people think they’re healthy and that virus won’t affect you, but the risk just isn’t worth it. With all this data, it is proven that most of the Covid cases after February are from unvaccinated people. With vaccines helping people prevent and fight the virus, it is an essential if people want to end this global pandemic.


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