Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a disorder that affects an individual’s movement. What this means is that people will have difficulty moving around without help or assistance. Parkinson’s is most likely going to appear at age 60 and in males. This disease is so scary because there is no definitive cure and the causes of this disease is relatively unknown. Not knowing how one contracts this diseases and how to combat it, makes Parkinson’s disease one of the worst diseases out there. Since there is not much information about how this disease is caused, knowing the symptoms of Parkinson’s is important because someone must self diagnose themselves and seek quick medical attention. Parkinson’s may not be fatal, but its symptoms progress over time, so seeking immediate medical attention is highly recommended.

The symptoms of Parkinson’s can affect the entire body, including areas of the brain as well. For instance, speaking and writing may become more difficult because Parkinson’s affects the cognitive area of the brain that contributes to speaking and writing. Some physical symptoms include tremors, slow movement, and rigid posture. All of these physical symptoms make it difficult for one to maneuver like they used to. The reason why someone with Parkinson’s has trouble moving is because Parkinson’s impairs the cells that produce dopamine, which is the neurotransmitter responsible for controlling movement.

Like I mentioned earlier, there are no known definite causes of Parkinson’s, but there are some factors that are known to correlate with the disease. For example, dopamine levels have some correlation to Parkinson’s. Like I touched on earlier, lower dopamine levels seems to be correlated to Parkinson’s. Genetics is another aspect that correlates to Parkinson’s. Like many other hereditary diseases, individuals with relatives who had Parkinson’s, are more likely to get Parkinson’s. Environmental factors are also present when it comes to Parkinson’s, as some toxins may trigger Parkinson’s, but the risk is pretty small.

Since there is no cure for Parkinson’s, people must take precautions in order to try and prevent getting this disease. Some ways to do this is to consume some caffeine. According to some studies, people who drink caffeine have a lower chance of getting Parkinson’s than people who don’t consume caffeine.

People who have had trouble moving around or have become stiff should seek medical attention as soon as possible. This is because if they do have Parkinson’s, then they may need immediate treatment based on the severity. There is no cure and treatment varies among each patient so seeking medical attention is the only way to slow this disease down. The elderly are already affected by age and other syndromes and diseases. If they know information about Parkinson’s, hopefully it can be one of the last things on their mind as they combat other issues.


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