Trees Aren’t Enough to Solve Climate Change

All trees are great. They give society hope that one day our earth will be healthy again. They will bring more life and transformation to our world. They are the key to change, but they are not the entirety of the key. They make up a part of the key, but in order for this key to be complete, we need the rest of its parts.
This doesn’t mean that trees are any less effective than other methods. It is just not enough when it comes to human-caused emission facts. It is one of the most effective ways; it is just not enough. When it comes to human-caused emissions and greenhouse gas carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, trees are a big help. Through photosynthesis, trees pull in these harmful gas from the air and benefit from them to grow their leaves and roots. However, as long as humans are in existence, almost everything we use in our daily life is going lead to emitting harmful gas and substances to lead to global warming, and trees will not be able to keep up with cleaning after humans. We need to think about ways to create less harmful gases in the first place rather than having to worry about a way to clean up after our earth has already been affected. Currently, the earth has around three trillion trees, but governments, businesses, and individuals are showing an enthusiastic attitude towards carrying out a project planning to plant billions or even trillions more trees. Although this sounds like a wonderful idea, scientists are warning society about this method. They say that “such massive tree project must address a range of scientific, political, social, and economic concerns.” Some of the harms that could be done are wasting money and harming political and public goodwill. Not only this, but if there is too much focus on planting and making the small plants grow out, the focus on how to keep the other grown trees alive and healthy for a longer duration of time is going to fade out more quickly. Viewing these countless problems that may occur to our world if we continue this project, we urgently need to find a new, more effective way to save our beautiful planet.

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