The invention of the pollution eating car

Many companies have tried to stop eco waste or reduce eco waste by creating electric cars to ensure lesser emission. Companies like Tesla and many of its competitors are trying to see who can make the best working electric car while keeping the good look that many gas run cars have.

Recently, created by British designer Thomas Heatherwick, it is hoped the Airo will go into production in China in 2023, with plans to make a million of them. The car which was first unveiled at the Shanghai car show in April has a large glass roof, and the interior is designed to look like a room, with adjustable chairs that can be turned into beds, and a central table intended for meetings or meals.

The steering wheel is hidden in the dashboard and the exterior is textured, with a series of ripples or ridges.

As well as wanting to reflect the flow of air over the car in the ridged exterior, the front grill will be fitted with an air filter which will “collect a tennis ball worth of particulate matter per year.”

The second big idea behind the car’s design is as an alternative space for owners to use. With one billion cars in the world which are used for roughly only 10% of the time, there is scope for them to become “valuable real-estate”, he said. He was inspired by first-class airline seats, which are used “to sleep, eat, entertain and work”. He also adds that “The car becomes a communal space for the time when it is not driving.”

The vehicle will be priced at around £40,000 – something Mr Heatherwick described as “not crazy luxury”.

With the issues like global warming and the demand for more eco friendly cars, we hope other companies would do the same to try and follow these innovative designs.

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